Established in May 1980, Oncor is the world's oldest Christmas tree manufacturer. Oncor's eco-friendly Recycled Christmas trees have an industry-leading product life of 30 to 50 years or more. Being responsible for our planet, Oncor trees are eco-friendly and are made of 100% Recycled PVC plastic.

Oncor is an European owned group of companies, more than 88% of our company equities are owned by 3 European citizens, 2 British and 1 Belgian.

Our purpose is to make Christmas eco-friendly by supplying Recycled Christmas trees to eco-friendly consumers and responsible buyers for 30 to 50 or more joyful Christmases.

By using the best quality raw materials and tree parts, Oncor trees have a minimum product life of 30 or more years. Consumers can Reuse Oncor trees to make 30 to 50 or more joyful Christmases eco-friendly.

Oncor green boxes are made from strong corrugated Recycled material cardboard with a transparent resin coating on the surface to resist dampness so that consumers can continually Reuse our boxes to store Oncor trees after Christmas.

We are the only international specialist manufacturer in artificial Christmas trees to use super glue instead of white glue, on every tree branch, to prevent tree tips from falling off within 30 to 50 years.

All Oncor tree trunks are made with a unique technology of paint-coating both sides of the metal pipes, and all wire branches, to prevent rust for at least 30 to 50 years, so that there is no rust stain in tree box when consumers Reuse Oncor trees for decades.

Our eco-friendly, disciplined, engaged, and happy colleagues are well-trained to pack trees into boxes and leave no wasted space in order to keep all trees in the best shape.

Since 2005, we have started to reshape our corporate culture by adopting the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

The just cause of our company is to build a better world in which people can embrace using Recycled materials more often, Reuse products with longer product lives, and continuously Reduce daily waste, thereby making our planet a better place.

If you want to help make Christmas eco-friendly, kindly consider using a Recycled Christmas tree next time.


Alaska Hook Basic Version
Alaska Slim Hinge Basic Version
Allegheny Slim Hinge Basic Version
Alpine Hook Basic Version
Aspen Hinge Basic Version
Aspen Hinge* Basic Version
Aspen Hinge. Luxury Version
Aspen Hinge_ Premium Version
Balsam Hinge Christal Version
Balsam Hinge. Premium Version
Balsam Hinge_ Basic Version
Balsam Hook Christal Version
Black Forest Hinge. Premium Version
Black Forest Hook Basic Version
Blue Glittered Arctic Basic Version
Blue Scotia Hinge Christal Version
Canadian Hinge Basic Version
Carolina Hook Basic Version
Christmas Hinge Basic Version
Christmas Hook Basic Version
Colorado Hinge Basic Version
Colorado Hook Basic Version
Colorado Slim Hinge Basic Version
Colorado Slim Hook Basic Version
Deluxe Forest Hook Basic Version
Douglas Hinge Premium Version
Douglas Hook Basic Version
Forest Hinge Premium Version
Frosted Silver Hook Basic Version
Frosted Slim Hinge Christal Version
Glacier Hook Basic Version
Glittered Arctic Hook Basic Version
Golden Kalahari Tree Luxury Version
Golden Sitka Tree Luxury Version
Green Sparkling Hook Basic Version
Juniper Snow Hook Basic Version
Maes Noble Hook Basic Version
Majestic Hinge Basic Version
Mixed Alberta Hinge Basic Version
Mixed Blue Scotia Premium Version
Mixed Hook Basic Version
Montana Hook Basic Version
Monterey Hook Basic Version
Noble Hook Basic Version
Nordmann Hinge Christal Version
Norway Hinge Premium Version
Oregon Hook Basic Version
Orlando Hook Basic Version
Parana Hook Basic Version
Rocky Mountain Hinge Basic Version
Santa Snow Hook Basic Version
Serbian Hinge Luxury Version
Shimmering Galaxy Hook Basic Version
Shimmering Mountain Hook Basic Version
Slim Fraser Hinge Basic Version
Slim Fraser Hinge. Premium Version
Slim Hinge Christal Version
Slim Mixed Hinge Basic Version
Slim Noble Hinge Basic Version
Slim Norway Hook Basic Version
Slim Parana Hook Basic Version
Slim Pencil Hinge Basic Version
Smoky Mountain Hinge. Premium Version
Smoky Mountain Hook Basic Version
Snowy Blue Hook Basic Version
Texas Blue Hook Basic Version
Vienna Hook Basic Version
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